How it Works

how_it_works_01Learn how a simple but revolutionary spreading and grading implement can outperform large motorized graders. The Road Boss is elegantly simple. It consists of two forward-cutting blades mounted on a strong, high-grade steel frame with runners and side pans. An A-frame hitch mounts it to any three-point-hitch tractor of 25 or more horsepower.

Its dual-blade and side pan configuration work to maximum advantage. The Road Boss virtually eliminates corrugating or washboarding of the road surface. It leaves no wind rows.

Blade Action

The dual blades churn and sift road material, producing a “boiling” action that deposits finer material in lower layers, leaving coarser material on the surface.


The result is better leveling, smoothing and filling with absolutely no wind rows or piling, and better performance on compaction tests. Roadways are left in better condition, so they need less maintenance in the future.


Conventional motor graders use their power to push grade materials before them, often moving materials for some distance while creating piles, pot holes and wind rows in the process. The Road Boss Grader, however, operates more like a recycler: turning, mixing, shifting and leveling the material in place.

Speed And Efficiency

The Road Boss Grader performs faster, more efficiently and more economically — using less power and less fuel because the blades are being pulled through the material, rather than pushing the material forward. The Road Boss is also easily transportable to and from work sites.

The Road Boss Grader is virtually maintenance-free and designed and built to last a lifetime. There are no moving parts, no lubrication points, and no hydraulic fluids.

Be sure to take a look at the Road Boss in action for some terrific before and after photos!

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